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Let Us Learn More About Law

The concept or concepts of law is a subject that sometimes causes confusion especially when their meanings are not specified. People often speak indiscriminately of law, norm, conduct, law, mandates, etc. It is also common to say that everyone is subject to the law. However, there are many meanings of this term and can be applied in all areas of experimental and theoretical or speculative sciences. Thus, there are natural laws mathematical, physical, chemical, biological, moral, legal, etc.

In this small reflection, the authors and collaborators of this website are interested in the law from the legal point of view or the law. To better understand the subject, let us will start from natural phenomena. With simple observation one can know that in the realization of these phenomena, there is evidence for natural law, for example, rain always comes from top to bottom; Bodies tend to fall by gravity; After the night comes the day, etc.

With the investigation of the constancy and harmony of the universe, humanity throughout history seek and find laws according to which these phenomena follow. Hence all science seeks laws that regulate the action of the universe.

Law, in general, is a rule of order, norm or mandate, which means broadly a worthy cause or model to which all things must conform, whether in the physical, social or customs.

In our current society, it is easy to take for granted the importance of law. However, as crucial the natural law is for the existence of the universe as we know it, so is the legal structure for the existence of our society.

Learn more about this social construct as we embark on a journey to find out more about law. By studying more about law, we better understand its role in our society, freedom, rights, justice, responsibility and other important concepts that our modern civilization cherish.

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